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Pre-2009 student data is currently being converted. 

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Student Data

Undergraduate Admissions

Data collected from 1991 to 2016 on undergraduate admissions: counts of applications, offers made, and matriculants; offer and yield rates; demographic breakdowns by gender, residency, race/ethnicity, entering school, and transfer status; and percentile breakdowns of SAT and ACT scores and high school rank.

Graduate Admissions

Data collected from 2009-10 to 2015-16 on graduate admissions: counts of applications, offers made, and matriculants; offer and yield rates; and percentile breakdowns of GRE scores.

Degrees Awarded

Summary of all bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees awarded from fiscal years 2009-10 to 2016-17. Degrees awarded by school and major. Demographic breakdowns by gender, race/ethnicity, and residency.


Detailed graphical and tabular summaries of enrollment information from 2009 to 2016. Demographic breakdowns by race/ethnicity, gender, residency, full-time/part-time status, academic level, school, and major. Summer school enrollment and enrollment projections through 2022. 

One-year retention and four-, five-, six-, and seven-year graduation rates for first-time first-year undergraduate students. Demographic breakdowns by gender, race/ethnicity, and entering school. Student athlete graduation rates. 

Tuition and Fees

Information on tuition and fees from 1970 to 2017 by academic career (Graduate, Undergraduate, Law, Medicine, Business) and residency. Percent change in tuition and fees over previous year. Details regarding tuition differentials. 

Mean undergraduate cumulative GPA from spring 1992 to 2017 by academic level (year in school), gender, and school.

Employee Data

2016 Academic Division Detailed Employee Profile;

Counts of University employees from 1979 to 2016 by Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) category, gender, and race/ethnicity;

Counts of Academic Division employees from 2004 to 2016 by school, EEO category, gender, and race/ethnicity; and 

Faculty salary and compensation data from 1996 to 2016.