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About Us


The Office of Institutional Assessment and Studies’ (IAS) mission is to contribute to informed decision-making throughout the University. To do so, IAS:

  • Connects the University to reliable data
  • Identifies, applies, and integrates data appropriate to the topic at hand
  • Provides insightful data analysis, interpretation, and reporting; and 
  • Conducts and assists in data collection and analyses to support student success and other critical institutional objectives.


IAS is organized into two primary areas of service:

Institutional Studies 

Institutional Studies provides data from select University data sets (e.g., student information) to academic and administrative units and assists with data analysis and interpretation; satisfies federal, state and accrediting agency reporting requirements; and responds to an array of external requests, including those from higher education institutions and associations, and college information guides.

University Assessment

University Assessment coordinates, conducts, analyzes, and disseminates assessment results to maintain and improve academic programs and student services. The Assessment team works with the Provost Office, school deans’ offices, academic departments and administrative units to implement and support useful and feasible assessment approaches in order to foster the University’s unique learning and research environment. The Assessment team also reports student learning outcomes consistent with State Council of Higher Education assessment requirements.